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Model 1

9mm Luger

1/2 x 28 RH thread

The Model 1 is a modular silencer that achieves a unique hybrid design consisting of monocore and wipe sections.  The Model 1 is different than everything else on the market and requires specific techniques and procedures to enjoy maximum signature reduction.  We call this ability to utilize different modules and wipes, with or without an ablative agent, “Tunable Technology.”  Tunable Technology offers the Model 1 owner the ability to control the length, weight, tone and level of sound suppression from a Model 1 silencer.
        The Model 1 silencer is part of the Hush Puppy® Project’s “systems-approach” to signature reduction.  The complete systems-approach is carefully designed to derive the best sound reduction on a pistol equipped with a (patent pending) Hush Puppy® Slide Lock Device (SLD) firing in locked breech mode and using Super Vel Ammunition Hush Puppy® subsonic 9mm ammunition.  You may shoot the Model 1 on other pistols and with other ammo, but the maximum level of sound reduction comes with a Hush Puppy® pistol firing in locked breech mode with subsonic ammunition.

Hush Puppy Project Model 1 (9mm)

  • FAMILY: HPP Series

    MODEL: Model 1

    TYPE: NFA - Silencer

    FINISH: Black

    THREAD PATTERN: 1/2 x 28

    CALIBER: 9mm

    ATTACH METHOD: Direct Thread


    ADDL INFO: Modular Configuration, Monocore/Wipe